F--ing C--ts - the most offensive
Aussie insult? [Language Warning]

Written by Trevar Alan Chilver, Published 15th May 2020

Usually we think we are in control of language, that our thoughts and ideas are formed independently and then described by language. But frequently, language guides and influences the way we think.

This cannot be seen anywhere more profoundly than in the nation’s favourite way to cause offence. The most offensive thing we Aussies can be called, a “fucking cunt”, literally means a part of the female anatomy doing one of the things it exists for.

How anyone can find offence in a vagina having sexual intercourse is beyond me. Not all cunts are afforded the joy of fucking, sadly. It would make sense for the term “fucking cunt” to be an expression of competence or, better still, achievement. At the very least it should be a compliment. But alas, we use it to describe a person for whom we have no respect.

To see the depth of the nation’s cultural bias, we only need to compare the relative offence caused by an alternate term of offence: “fucking child”. This, we are led to believe, is nowhere near as bad as being called a “fucking cunt”. Without a hint of irony, Australians are apparently more comfortable with paedophilia than they are with female sexual fulfilment.

With attitudes like that, no wonder our most prominent religious export was, quite literally, a fucking paedophile!

Perhaps it’s the Latin origin of the word ‘cunt’ that makes the difference... perhaps the way to rectify this is to replace our most treasured insult with another Latin word, ‘stuprator’. ‘Stuprator’ refers to a rapist. Certainly something more worthy of offence than a vagina having intercourse.

Do me a favour? The next time someone causes you offence and you’re of a mind to call them a “fucking cunt”, take a moment and hurl something genuinely offensive instead. I will hold out far more hope for this country the day I hear a Sydbourne driver calling a Melney driver a “fucking stuprator” for cutting them off.

Better still, how about we reclaim the joy and empowerment of fulfilled vaginas? The next time something great happens, a great big exclamation of “I’m as happy as a fucking cunt” would go a long way to make Australia a better place.

I hope you all have a fucking cunt of a day, dear friends.

"To lie does not require research; to disprove a lie does." - Greg Jericho


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