49: F--ing C--ts - the most offensive Aussie insult? [Language Warning]
Usually we think we are in control of language, that our thoughts and ideas are formed independently and then described by language.
Published: 15/05/2020 on Mordd IndyMedia Community Lifestyle Opinion Piece
48: Do you have to be a Boomer to be an ‘Ok Boomer’?
First appearing in a Reddit thread in 2009, it took 10 years for this phrase to catapult itself into mainstream consciousness. What exactly does Ok Boomer mean?
Published: 14/05/2020 on Mordd IndyMedia National Politics Lifestyle Opinion Piece
47: Monopoly is a holiday evil, do not be tempted by it!
As the pandemic society lockdown stretches into a third month, many families are looking to occupy their time and keep kids entertained however they can.
Published: 14/05/2020 on Mordd IndyMedia Lifestyle Opinion Piece Coronavirus
41: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Fake emergency declared at Wild Horses festival
A representative of the organisers of the Wild Horses festival at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort in Victoria notified Mordd IndyMedia today shortly before Midday of a troubling situation on site.
Published: 09/12/2019 on Mordd IndyMedia Politics Environment Community Social Justice Lifestyle
19: Not even 24hr’s after the byelection results, Turnbull was already backpedalling
The byelection results were devastating for the Liberals, and Malcolm Turnbull knows it.
Published: 02/08/2018 on Mordd IndyMedia National Politics Opinion Piece Elections

"To lie does not require research; to disprove a lie does." - Greg Jericho


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