The Unknown Homeless Man

I am currently working on a fictional novel based on real life experiences and modern day events, called The Unknown Homeless Man. The title is a play on the Unknown Soldier mythology, and the main character in the story is never named or identified, however we see the world through his eyes and learn a great deal about the man along the way.

This book is based on my personal experiences homeless in Sydney in the late 90's and again in Melbourne in the early aught's, as well as modern day events that took place in Sydney around the years 2016 and 2017. The book is so far 8 chapters long, representing 23 pages (size 12 calibri font) and almost 13,000 words long. - This figure will be updated as the book progresses.

At this time the expected availability date for the finished novel is no earlier than January 2022 - this date will also be updated as the book progresses.


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