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Article Image 61: One million trees — a bold vision for Canberra
A new environmental policy launched in the A.C.T. has come from a party not associated with being green friendly
Published: 14/08/2020 on Independent Australia Canberra Politics Environment Community Elections
Article Image 54: Wild Horses “Fake emergency” - The unsatisfying conclusion
As originally reported - and since confirmed by numerous witness statements - Victoria Police faked an emergency in order to force punters to leave sooner...
Published: 15/07/2020 on Mordd IndyMedia Environment Community Social Justice Lifestyle Opinion Piece
Article Image 44: Climate activist stages hunger strike outside Parliament House
After the People’s Climate Assembly ended last week, one man stayed on outside Parliament House to hunger strike for climate.
Published: 14/02/2020 on Independent Australia Canberra National Politics Environment Community Activism Social Justice
Article Image 43: Protesters circle Parliament House against climate inaction
The recent climate protest at Parliament House where thousands joined against the Government.
Published: 08/02/2020 on Independent Australia Canberra National Politics Environment Activism
Article Image 42: Drop Bears feared extinct due to Australian bushfires
Among the many animals perishing in the bushfire devastation is the iconic Australian Drop Bear.
Published: 11/01/2020 on Independent Australia National Politics Environment Satire
Article Image 41: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Fake emergency declared at Wild Horses festival
A representative of the organisers of the Wild Horses festival at Lake Mountain Alpine Resort in Victoria notified Mordd IndyMedia today shortly before Midday of a troubling situation on site.
Published: 09/12/2019 on Mordd IndyMedia Politics Environment Community Social Justice Lifestyle
Article Image 30: Light Rail launches in Canberra – A guide for when you can ride
The long-awaited Canberra light rail is here, and The Big Smoke can exclusively reveal the running details of its debut weekend.
Published: 18/04/2019 on The Big Smoke Canberra Environment Community Public Transport
Article Image 26: WHERE THERE’S SMOKE, THERE’S CONFUSION? @ Smith’s Alternative
An incident at popular left-wing venue Smith’s Alternative in Canberra city just over a month ago has highlighted once again the confusion around the ACT’s smoking laws when it comes to outdoor seating areas
Published: 07/02/2019 on True Crime News Weekly Canberra Environment Community Social Justice

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"To lie does not require research; to disprove a lie does." - Greg Jericho

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