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Article Image 64: Tara Cheyne, the MLA who "gets things done"
Tara Cheyne is a relative newcomer to the ACT Legislative Assembly, elected in 2016 to represent the electorate of Ginninderra, better known to locals as the Belco region.
Published: 22/08/2020 on Mordd IndyMedia Canberra Politics Community Coronavirus Elections
Article Image 62: How the ACT is preparing to vote during an ongoing pandemic
The ACT is set to go back to the polls on October 17th, 2020 which means Elections ACT and the ACT Government have some tough choices to make...
Published: 20/08/2020 on Mordd IndyMedia Canberra Politics Coronavirus Elections
Article Image 60: ACT residents trapped by state politics should serve as warning
For six days, 100 ACT residents were at the mercy of political point-scoring. Eventually freed, the whole fiasco proved how little co-operation exists at the highest level.
Published: 12/08/2020 on The Big Smoke Canberra National Politics Opinion Piece Coronavirus
Article Image 59: Disabled, elderly, carers: a history of Centrelink coronavirus supports
When it comes to the coronavirus supports offered by the Government, one cohort of society has been left mostly in the cold: disabled people, the elderly and carers.
Published: 31/07/2020 on Independent Australia National Politics Community Opinion Piece Coronavirus
Article Image 57: The A.C.T. is assisting homeless Canberrans during COVID-19 crisis
With the COVID-19 crisis making homelessness an even bigger problem, the A.C.T. Government is finding solutions to help those affected
Published: 24/07/2020 on Independent Australia Canberra Politics Community Coronavirus
Article Image 47: Monopoly is a holiday evil, do not be tempted by it!
As the pandemic society lockdown stretches into a third month, many families are looking to occupy their time and keep kids entertained however they can.
Published: 14/05/2020 on Mordd IndyMedia Lifestyle Opinion Piece Coronavirus
Article Image 46: "Scott Morrison addresses the nation: The bonking must cease!"
Scott Morrison updates the nation on new, stricter social distancing rules.
Published: 30/03/2020 on Independent Australia National Politics Community Lifestyle Satire Coronavirus
Article Image 45: 'I work in a supermarket and customers won't stop touching me'
During the coronavirus pandemic, supermarket staff deserve some space.
Published: 27/03/2020 on The Canberra Times Canberra Community Lifestyle Coronavirus

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