Chris Mordd Richards is an independent freelance journalist in Canberra.

Chris has been writing and publishing regularly since 2016 on a variety of
online news sites, as he hones his skills and learns the craft of journalism.

Chris comes from a background of being homeless as a teen, relies on the Disability Support Pension as an adult and battles mental health challenges every day due to his Autism and Anxiety Disorders.

Chris writes from the lived experience of those on the lower end of the ladder in life, the
oppressed, the marginalised, the mistreated, the misunderstood. Through his writing, Chris
endeavours to give voice to those who normally lack one in modern society.

Follow me on Twitter @Mordd_IndyMedia, Facebook @Mordd.IndyMedia or Youtube.


"To lie does not require research; to disprove a lie does." - Greg Jericho


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